S.K.J. Industries  starts making RIGID film, We have been in the process of helping different hospitals, school and other areas
SKJ industries is proud to present our new joint venture in Vietnam, as we are already proficient and a leader
We continue to develop and innovate new products to enhance our diversity and provide our clients with a wide range
WHAT IS TPU ? TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes) is one of multi-purpose thermoplastic elastomers that also durable, tension and tearing force
Dear Friends and Partners, Recently due to cleaning schedule for many raw materials factory out put of raw materials from
PVC Non Phthalate : Eco Friendly Products Phthalate is a chemical used in PVC plastic products. It is a Consumer
Dear Friends and Partners, Raw material prices have again started to increase, we expect that they will continue to increase
Dear Friends and Partners, Raw materials are stabilizing, though price for PVC resin is stable, prices for stabilizers still increase.
Dear Friends and Partners, From the last newsletter that we provided, Raw materials continue to increase steadily. We still expect
We would like to introduce our newest product, we are now able to make Full lace table cloth, We are
Anti Slip Floor is multi purpose products for flooring, carriages stairs hallways, lifts, pool areas to prevent slipping and other
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