Dear Friends and Partners,

Raw material prices have again started to increase, we expect that they will continue to increase throughout the next two months. Freight prices and containers are still increasing drastically and the fluctuation is extremely high, getting container bookings is also becoming increasingly difficult. This is based on the increase of oil prices, we expect prices will reach $100 per barrel by the end of 2018. Though our prices continue to remain stable for July We might see some slight increases for August and September.

As stated in some of our previous emails, all our materials from PVC clear sheet, expanded vinyl, opaque film are now inkjet printable. This basically means that you do not have to do silk screen, you can use the binding material and ink jet print anything that you require. Attached is a video showing how easy it is 0. 06 MM clear film to be printed and how clear and precise and beautiful printing looks.
We continue to increase our technology and quality of our products and we look forward to serving you in the future.


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