PVC Non Phthalate : Eco Friendly Products

Phthalate is a chemical used in PVC plastic products. It is a Consumer Products which is used as plasticizers to softening in plastic, therefore, flexible or soft PVC plastic products (Soft Vinyl Products) often contain phthalates.

There are many types of phthalates that are commonly used today.

1. DEHP or Di (2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate for mixing in PVC plastic to make the plastic texture softer. Which is commonly used with bags or plastic wrap and stretch film wrapped for food, toys, medical instruments including construction materials.
2. DINP or Diisononyl Phthalate is available in gardening shirts, shoes, toys, construction materials.
3. DBP or Di-n-butyl Phthalate is available in wire, cable, shoes, behind the rug and the border of the pond.
4. Butyl Benzyl Phthalate is available in vinyl tiles, vehicles that have tracks for transporting food, fake leather.
5. DOP or Di-n-octyl Phthalate is available in floor materials, carpet, canvas, notebook cover, blood bag.

The danger of phthalates

The effect on the respiratory system of this substance has not been reported to cause harm to humans. But from experiments with animals at high concentrations will cause irritation to the respiratory system and the central nervous system is pressed causing headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting.

Standard for the residue of phthalates in the United States. Phthalate chemical production has an average of 2 million tons / year. Which the type allowed to use is # dimethyl phthalate, DMP # diethyl phthalate, DEP # di-n bytyl phthalate, DBP # butylbenzyl phthalate, BBP # di-(2- ethylhexyl) phthalate, DOP(1) # di-n-octyl phtghalate, DOP(2) # diisononyl phthalate, DINP
USEPA specifies the amount of phthalate ester that is allowed in water as follows: DMP 313 mg / liter (ppm), DEP 350 mg / liter, DBP 34 mg / liter. And the USFDA requires that there is no more than 30% of the phthalate in plastic.

The European Union requires that the phthalate group is 2,2-Bis (4 hydroxyphenyl) propane bis (phthalic anhydride). There is no residue and food residue (SML) not more than 0.05 mg / kg.

SKJ Industry Co., Ltd. / Decorative Plastic Co., Ltd has advanced production and advanced technology. Also taking into account the consumers by using good raw materials in the production process. Choose to use plasticizers with less phthalates. Thus, making the products has high product standards and safe according to international standards. Products manufactured through quality inspections, safety standards and received certificates of quality from various institutions such as SGS Intertek.

In addition, the company can also produce a plastic film. Which is a product made from PVC with the composition of the ingredients of the phthalates mentioned above. Highly flexible, can be used as a variety of products such as notebook cover, passport book, photo album, raincoat, car cover, packaging for mattress and pillow case, transportation packaging, etc.

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