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Artificial leather is used as an alternative for natural leather that is usually hard to maintain and produce. It is widely used for seat covers such as in bus, motorcycle, car and many more. The material is presented on special surface treatments for gloss finish, matt and durability. The Emboss pattern is significantly available in more than 200 patterns assortment. The printed designs are also available in more than 100 patterns with various colors.

PVC leather or polyvinyl chloride is an original version of imitation leather produced to substitute the hydrogen with chloride in the vinyl groups. Hence, it is blended with other chemicals to make durable plastic that is easily maintained. The PVC resin is the one used to make PVC leather while the PU resin is used to make synthetic leather. It is widely used by most manufacturers because it is more resistant and stronger to extreme weather conditions and other elements.

Due to very useful properties, people as well as companies use the PVC leather instead of metal. Furthermore, we have continually produce this type of leather that is easy to clean, non absorbent, and stain-resistant. We guarantee that our product is UV resistant to keep it good as new and low maintenance.

The artificial leather is mainly used in household products, sports goods, bag and luggage, shoes, jackets, belts, table mat, garments and marine. Its other key applications are for general purposes especially in the fashion industry. The designs of our PVC leather vary in texture but are equal in terms of higher durability.

Most companies that use PVC leather among their products rely on our synthetic leather supplies. They don’t just take benefits from it but they also enjoy our products’ quality. We offer PVC casting leather and PVC sponge leather in great variations and colors. You can match your preference and taste by choosing from plethora of synthetic leather that we offer from our huge collection.

We also guarantee that our artificial leather is safe to use because it has met the low toxics standard and non phthalates. We make sure that we not just offer quality PVC leather but also those that are environment-friendly. Be able to contribute healthy products in the market through our non-toxic synthetic leather products that come in various designs, textures, and shade of color.

Our professional team and sales officers will guide you in making decisions on what type and design to buy depending on your needs. With our very affordable artificial leather supply, you are sure to produce more products that are reliable and durable. So when you need a good supply of this, just contact us and we will be available to assist you with our product catalogue to guide you more.

Do you need more details and assistance? Call us now and be able to experience great customer service among our professional agents and sales officers. Remember, we don’t just give you quality service but we also make sure that you are well accompanied through your whole buying process.


Application Thickness Width (cms) Length per roll Softness (PHR)
General Purposes 0.60-1.20 mm 137-140 30-60 yds 40-80
Fashion 0.80-1.50 mm 137-140 30-60 yds 50-80
Vehicle Seat 0.70-1.20 mm 137-140 30-60 yds 70-90
Shoes 0.70-3.00 mm 137-140 30-60 yds 70-90
Marine 0.90-1.10 mm 137-140 30-60 yds 85-100