Dear Friends and Partners,

From the last newsletter that we provided, Raw materials continue to increase steadily. We still expect additional increases in raw material prices through the month of April to the of May.

Currently we have asked for minor increases in Clear, opaque and sheeting materials but are still maintaining prices for artificial leather and flooring products, we will continue to maintain these prices until the end of April 2018.

We continue to develop and innovate new products to enhance our diversity and provide our clients with a wide range of PVC products.
We have developed 2 new prints for our flooring and table cloth lines that can be used for home, hospitals, heavy duty industrial areas and various other flooring or tablecloth uses.
They are. Marcel Morocco and Square Morocco.
As always our standard quality includes,
EN 71 part 3 environmentally friendly product, 150 hours UV, -10? cold crack, tear strength and flexible laying quality.

Should you have any inquiries about these new prints please do not hesitate to contact your sales executive or a representative of our company.

With best regards
Senior Analysis management system team.

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