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Finding the right PVC decorative film with us means balanced designs that are sure to match your needs. We offer decorative film in wood grain overlay available in multiple colors that are free of contamination, pin hole, and fish eye. Our materials used are resistant to heat and lay flat to best suit any furniture, building and decoration materials, laminated MDF files, plywood, speaker cover or tiles.

Get high quality decorative film that varies in application, thickness, width, softness and length per roll. With stunning wood grain overlay, you now have the chance to showcase your home filled with this unique decoration material that is convenient for cozy homes.

You are guaranteed that our products are safe as it meets non phthalate, low toxics EN71 Part 3, and European standards for quality and special requirements of UV resistance, low toxics, fire resistance, and anti-fungus. Use high quality materials such as our decorative film in wood grain overlay for your furniture, partition, wooden fence, edging and many more.

Create your dream life style with our PVC decorative film that is well-designed for international standards usage. With us, you will be able to find the most suitable color and design of decorative film that will match your style and preference. With our wide arrays of wood grain overlay, we guarantee that you will find the best material for your construction needs.

The designs of our decorative film will make your personal space and home look even more classy and cozy because of the design and color variants that we have. When selecting the right color, you should consider your interior so that it will completely complement your style. Our products are also great for perfect ambience especially when you are in state of relaxation because it is not overly designed but rather, it is designed in calming patterns.

Be able to attain that appealing architectural look with our PVC decorative film. You can also customize your materials for a more personalized item that will stand out among others. Showcase your personal place to your friends and family with wood grain overlay decorative film in every corner of your home or office. Now, you can get that classy look not just in your corporate office but also in your home.

If you need help with regards to high quality decorative film, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to assist you no matter where you are. We provide great customer service for all our clients and other companies that seek our reliable services. Experience that excellent service with us as we make sure to deliver satisfaction in every service that we do. We are one of the leading PVC suppliers and we continually seek innovations in our products.

Are you ready to take your place into an exhilarating overhaul? Call us now and we will be right there for you to give you guidance and we will provide you with our product catalogue so that you can choose the best PVC decorative film that will match your needs.


Application Thickness Width (Inch) Length per roll Softness (PHR)
Wood grain 0.10-0.50 mm 48-52 250-500 yds 22-25
Plywood 0.12-0.50 mm 48-52 250-500 yds 22-25
Tile 0.08-0.30 mm 48-60 250-500 yds 22-25
Office Tables 0.15 mm 50-52 300 yds 22-30