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We are the leading PVC sheeting supplier of flexible sheeting that is perfect for numerous applications such as shoes, albums, bags, stationary folders, and so much more. These materials are offered in single or laminated layer for great durability usage. Our emboss designs consist of more than 180 patterns, printing designs for more than 200 patterns and colors and new printing and emboss designs upon customer’s request.

Our flexible PVC sheeting has standard width of 48”, 54”, 60” and 72” and thickness of 0.07mm-5.0mm. We are the leading PVC sheeting manufacturer for transparent PVC sheeting used for covers, water bed, sunvisors, umbrella main material and other related items. Flexible sheeting is widely used by many industrial companies as well as individuals for more comfortable materials and convenient usage.

Used in different products like rainwear, table mat, insulation tape, shower curtain and many more, our PVC sheeting is available in high quality and reliable material. As your PVC sheeting supplier, we guarantee that our products have met the non phthalates, low toxics EN71 Part 3 and European standards of quality and special requirements of UV resistance, low toxics, fire resistance and anti-fungus. We make sure that we produce not just the best products but also the safest product available in the market.

If you are looking for flexible PVC sheeting, we are the right company to provide you with your needs. You can always count on us that we will match your needs and standards as well as your personal requirements. With our transparent PVC sheeting, you can get the most affordable price and reliable service. Our professional team and sales officers will be glad to assist you in proving whatever you need in terms of flexible PVC sheeting. If you want to achieve great appealing products, we will also guide you. Through our product catalogue, you can choose the best flexible sheeting that you will need.

There are so many products out there in the market that are made with PVC sheeting. We do our best to produce safe materials so that the health of every individual is considered. Unlike others, we are one of the most trusted PVC companies that supplies not just high quality transparent PVC sheeting but also those that are eco-friendly. We believe that the long term success of an industry is through innovative products that are sure to stand the test of time while generating healthful benefits to customers.

Need help? Call us now and we will be more than willing to help you with your needs. Experience a great customer service through our efficient professional team and sales officers that are reliable and trustworthy. With us, you don’t just make a good investment, you also create cost-effective endeavor with our company. Be able to contribute reliable products and services to other companies and individuals like we do.

Thickness 0.05mm - 0.63 mm with standard width 48", 54", 60",72"

Transparent Film & Sheet

  • Translucent Film & Sheet
  • Emboss & colored Film & Sheet
  • Printed Film
  • Overlay sheet & Edging Sheet
  • Wall coverings
  • Heavy Guage Clear film
  • Banner film & Tarpaulin
  • Sticker Film
  • Non Phthalate films both in Artificial leather and clear and opaque

The materials are available in Single Layer or Laminated Layer for higher durability usage. Emboss Designs are available over 180 patterns. Printing Designs are available over 200 patterns and multiple Color Variations. New Emboss / New Printing designs available on customer 's request



  • Stationary Files & Folders , Albums main material
  • Bags & Luggage Inner Lining & Surface Sheet
  • Shoes uppers & sole liners
  • Steel furniture cover
  • Packaging material for textile products
  • Table Cloth with printing designs
  • Wood Lamination for Partitions, Table , Cabinet , Wall
  • Automotive Door Trim, Sunvisors and other Interior Parts
  • Inflatable Toys material
  • Covers , Bags Pocket , Sachet by Welding process
  • Computer , Electrical appliance covers
  • Shower Curtains and Room Black - out Curtains
  • Medical Urine Bags , Disaster Pouches , Hospital Disposable Covers
  • Shade Blinds and Roofing covers
  • Insulator for water proofing barrier
  • Water Bed main material
  • Umbrella main material
  • Advertising sheet material for printing / decorative

Got flexible PVC sheeting needs? Worry no more, we are just a phone call away or you can email us for further guidance and queries regarding our products and services.