If someone saying about what material to make a sun shade, there are so many things as aluminum sheet, metal sheet polycarbonate vinyl, etc. but we have one material which is interesting, it is “canvas”. There are also have many colors, prints and structures but we will suggest you to know “Tarpaulin”

Our tarpaulin and tent canvas is very strong and last long for years because we use only high quality to manufacture. Our main markets are Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Moreover, tarpaulin has more special properties such as light weight, opacity, beautiful prints, strong, abiding, more tension availability make it appropriated to use outdoor as truck cover sheet, tent or even sunshade. Also you can add up some special properties like anti-bacteria or anti-UV which is well answered your questions. 

Actually, every rooms with air-conditioner should have a sunshade to help reducing sunlight or any light that coming against the window or when it is raining, a sunshade will also protect the rain. It is interesting that we can adapt to use tarpaulin in many ways.

Our factory manufactures and sells many kind of tarpaulin starting from a thickness of 0.35 mm. to 0.80 mm. and 1.80 meters width. We are providing Poly fabric from 250D to 1000D. You can customize color and there are many beautiful prints and save a lot of time to make sunshade and rolled curtain then tarpaulin is such an interesting product in any aspects, value, strong and beautiful.

All customers are welcome to contact us all the time if you have any question on the product or need any advice.

Article Descriptions
Basic Thickmess : 0.35 - 0.65 mm
Width : 60" - 72"
Colors : Different Colors available
Basic Fabric : Polyester 250D, 400D , 500D, 840D, 1000D
Roll Length : Depend on Your requests
Special condition : Fire and UV resistant as your requests