S.K.J. Table Cloth - The perfect price & quality blend, and over a hundred designs featuring the widest variety of subjects, providing the right match to the various markets’ needs.

  • Composition: Printed or plain plastic sheeting with PP no woven backing.
  • Available in ready made table covers in different finishings, sizes  and packings.
  • Also available in meterware, rolls of 20 m lenght, in 120, 140 and   160 cm widths.

    S.K.J. Table Cloth with backing - High quality standard due to the existing protective film topping the printed surface, making it fully resistant to the use of aggressive cleansers.

    • Composition: Printed plastic sheeting with non-woven PP backing.
    • Available in ready made table covers with different finishings, sizes and packings.
    • Ex-stock in meterware rolls of 20m lenght, in 120 and 140cms widths.