Spunbond is look-alike fabric material which is made from fabricated thread that passed the processes like chemical, heating, processing or the solvent before it is turn to be the finished product. The processes of producing spunbond are start from flatting by the high-technology machine to make the polyproprelene turned to be small threads then make it weld together to be the fabric. Spunbond has many uses and vary depend on what you want it to be, for instance it is widely used in an industrial and it is use to be replace for a textile in some business. Spunbond is very safe and easy to use. It can be used in every parts of business even in medical, hygiene and industrials. What makes spunbond special are its characteristics which are good ventilation and quick heat extracting, soft, strong, light, chemical resistant, less-toxic, waterproof and eco-friendly since it is very easy to degrade.  Moreover, spunbond is recyclable material makes it not over plaudit calling it eco-friendly material. Mostly spunbond has been used in industrial or in the 1 time using business such as hospital, school, department store, shops and etc.

Although it is a short lifespan product and mostly use it only once then throw it away but it is such strong product and got many special properties like non-absorbing water, flexible, softness and washable. Other than that it is available to add up some special properties like fire retardant, thermal insulation, anti-fungus/bacteria and etc.

Examples of using spunbond are use it as a cover of medical equipment, make a medical mask, make either child and adult diaper or even print a logo on it then make it to be a bag or shopping bag for advertisement. In addition, technical field work also can use spunbond such as construction and agriculture, depends on what your need are.

Decorative Plastic Company Limited as a leading PVC manufacturer in Thailand, we are seeing its importance and opportunities made us decided to expand our production line to manufacture more spunbond for world widely sold this incredible fabric look-alike material. From over 10 years of experience, we are ready with hi-technology machine along with a professional production processes. Our spunbond is selling by a reasonable and competitive price.

We are providing variety of colors, the thicknesses start from 12 grams to 120 grams spunbond and standard width at 1.60 meters.

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